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Currently our company offers complex realization of projects concerning environment engineering. Constructional objects are made strictly in accordance with documentation, with all quality...
Sanitary Engineering Enterprise W. Piotrowski was founded in 1984 by Włodzimierz Piotrowski. Since that day we have been successively... więcej


Phoenix Contact Wlkp in Nowy Tomysl
Installing drinking water and fire, hot water and heat technology... (I - XI.2009)
Saint Gobain in Kolo 08'
Inductive furnace cooling installation, hall ventilation (II - XII.2008)
AVK in Pniewy
Water and canalization installation, gas and central heating installation, ventilation, compressed air installation (III - VI.2008)
Saint Gobain in Kolo 07'
Ventilation and ice water installation in building T5 (VI - X.2007)


Our offer covers creation of complex and simple heating and ventilation systems, which are installed in existing buildings and those which are being built as well. Currently we work...
Our projects have been appreciated and favored many times. In 1994 Polish Corporation of Sanitary więcej